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Ping Doc Putter

July 31st, 2009 admin No comments

Ping Doc Putter
I finally received my dream Putter…now how do I learn to handle it??

I’ve been hunting for a Ping ‘Doc’ 17 for about a year. I finally bought a mint 35″ for just under $100 with cover on Ebay. My problem is, it’s like swinging a waffle iron on a stick…anybody that’s used one of these before have any putting suggestions?
Thanks, Googie…I realize that part, I meant that the putter doesn’t ‘hang’ so that a pendulum swing works the same as it does with others I’ve used.

Just a question , How could this be your dream putter when it does not seem you even know how to use it ? Did you use one one day and make a couple putts and decided this is your dream putter ? Don’t get me wrong I am just trying to understand , you seem to have no familiarity with this putter at all , anyway practice , practice , practice .

Good Luck.